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Round Two - New Day mp3 download


A1 New Day (Club Vocal Mix) 7:41
A2 New Day (Edit) 4:52
B New Day (Dub) 10:43

Companies, etc.

  • Lacquer Cut At – Metropolis Mastering, Ltd


  • Lacquer Cut By – M.J.R.*
  • Vocals [Uncredited] – Andy Caine


All tracks run at 125 BPM.

Barcode and Other Identifiers

  • Matrix / Runout (Runout side A, etched): MSR04A Metropolis Mastering Chicago M.J.R.
  • Matrix / Runout (Runout side B, etched): MSR04B M.M.M.J.R.

Round Two - New Day mp3 download
Performer: Round Two
Genre: Electronic
Title: New Day
Released: 1995
Style: Deep House, Dub Techno
MP3 version ZIP size: 1450 mb
FLAC version RAR size: 1862 mb
Rating: 4.3
Votes: 178
Other Formats: VOX WAV MMF AA MPC MP1 AU

Strange how nearly all of the BC / Maurizio etc back catalogue has been remastered or re-cut at Dubplates & Mastering but this has not despite being the worst sounding.Still being repressed from the original Mark Richardson "MMMJR" plates to this day....
I also have a bad repressed copy... The mp3 of spotify is so much better !
BAD BAD BAD press, unplayable, shame as good song. doesn't make sense not to give a good song the love it deserves.
People moaning about the pressing of this. It's how was meant to be. Rough, underproduced, raw, rugged house music. Thats how it was back then and thats what made these record what they've become. Use your EQ kids and then you'll be fine.
chillid People moaning about the pressing of this. It's how was meant to be. Rough, underproduced, raw, rugged house music. Thats how it was back then and thats what made these record what they've become. Use your EQ kids and then you'll be fine. Lol made me Laugh when you wrote "' underproduced "' If you need EQ to make a record sound Right then you have A ...Bad Speakers - B - bad room acoustics Simpel Fact ...Buy the Cd version and play it ....... if you did you would know this is indeed a bad press .
In the background synth/organ on the Club Vocal mix I hear a little reminder of the same snip of melody from Sax In The Ozone (and For 12 Minutes She Danced With An Alien) :) Do u?
Like many here my copy of this also sounds awful. the surface noise is incredibly loud and the record is unplayable in a gig situation. My copy of Round One is also the same. Such shame as these tunes are absolutely timeless. I did purchase a repress of Round Five and it sounds great.
furious ox
Seems to be a lot of weak pressings of this beautiful record, my copy included : ( There's a recent repress around but I've heard many say they have bought numerous represses and they all sound poor. If ever a record deserved to be remastered and repressed its this one.
I still get chills 23 years later .... nuff said ;-)
2018 – 1995 = 23 ?/ words words words words
This is a beautiful piece of humanity art. But is urgent to make a new remastered!!
Bizarre to find such hampered sound quality, what with MVO being a sound/mastering engineer. Very odd...
Quite possibly the worst quality pressing in my collection. Great tracks, but what a shame!
The most perfect record ever?! Haunting vocals on the A-side, and towering dub techno on the flip. My pressing sounds fantastic.
Lonesome Orange Kid
i recently bought this repress. the tracks sound airy and nice on their own, but if you compare it to other tracks while mixing, the vocals are a bit muted and the kick is very punchy unless you eq it. so like the previous release the mixdown could be better and more dj friendly, my (sealed copy) has a high noise floor, sounds VG at best, but it's nonetheless a great record with good lyrics, a nice arrangement and great layers.
So today I've received a NM copy of what's supposed to be the 1995 first press, with correct matrix numbers and the somewhat muddily printed labels. Gain is very low, kick is 40% louder than everything else, once you'll crank it up you'll hear the record's surface noise almost as loud as the pads. No mid presence, no bite. Since those people really know how to get a 100% ace cut I'm wondering whether there are visually perfect boots around? My copy looks like there are 2 tracks per side, as reported by others. This 12" weights 130g.I mean, every other Ernestus / von Oswald production puts this cut to shame.
Im pretty much on board with everthing you wrote also very interested in a copy that doesnt sound like shit .i think its a pressing ore cutting flaw really the elements are there and the mix is tight like always just doesnt seem to be able to breath , such a shame .
Great quality pressing, sounds lovely. My copy has two tracks on the a-side and two tracks on the b-side. Can anyone shed some light?
B side is a dub so probably there's a few very silent seconds there (which makes it look like 2 tunes), or it could be 2 dubversions but i dont think so
Hi.It looks like that on my vinyl too but when I played it, I realised it's one continuous track. Maybe it's the same with your pressing?
i got my copy from my wife who used to work near hardwax.. it's super punchy/crispy - signal to noise ratio is really high, the dynamic range of the kicks and hats also pushes the vinyl medium to the max, if you like this track forget the original pressing, get a recent one. mine was definitely a Pallas repress - no sound degradation after 150-200 uses.
what country was that? I reckon if I had to source a good copy this would be best place to start.thanks in advance
I had the chance to play this record on a loud soundsystem last night. As others have said, something about the pressing or the mastering is very "off" on this repress.. I got mine new maybe 3 years ago. The record is very quiet and has to be cranked up compared to other records. The kick seems overpowered while the mids seem to be muted, and the highs just sound kind of weird and thin... You can compensate on the mixer, but honestly the version on youtube sounds better to me today than the record did last night. Oh well! Classic, devestating, soul-moving track deserves 6 out of 5 stars.. crappy pressing drops it to a 5.. :P
the original press back in 95 was very low in level too, you can get it to sound good with a good signal path.
TBF the original pressing is very poor too. Amazing record pressed on sandpaper.
One of the most beautiful deep house tunes every produced !
Really good stuff, an absolute and sheer soul tickler, must have.
I have this repress on 180g, is it the same or another press?
Classic tune here, but repress is terrible. Too bad :(
Gold Crown
I have to fully agree! I had to make sure my speakers weren't blown or I had a loose connection somewhere. There is bad static noises throughout all the tracks.
why is it terrible?
I have to say, i just discovered Basic Channel few weeks ago and saw Mark Erenestus playing a dub 3 H set at a chill out scene.This is one of the best deep house tracks i ever heard. Not enough words in english to describe it. Sweet and deep gospel like voices. Groovy piano & synths. Still playable nowadays and hardly beatable from the tracks i digged recently. A must have. Get lost in the groove, close your eyes and fly...
We don't have the original but our copy of the repress is not as bad as people make it sound, much more of a gross over exaggeration. It's worth the $8 even if the tracks are a bit quiet compared to other vinyl.
The RP version sounds horrible, don't bother with it and get the digital
Agreed, great House Music track
from distributor : in fact the label constantly repressed since the first release.
So.... which version should i buy then? Great tracks on this one.
Deejay.De sells a copy from 2003 so i think we are selling this one . ?!
warning - clearly there are some bootlegs of this about some chancer has repressed . recent comments [NOT old ones] are starting to filter thru about a crap pressing that have never been commented like that in the past . THE 1995 ORIGINAL LEGIT ONES ARE PERFECT . this vinyl is an excellent cut , sound is great , sub bass tight , kicks not distorted , hats crisp , electroy glitchy perc sound is clear , and the vinyl is not thin whatsoever as someone mentioned below . i got mine from first batch pressed in 95 , im gonna add matrix numbers to master release in a second to clear this up , but the orig 1995 pressing weighs bang on 155g on digital scales so hopefully this might now clear things up with matrix markings and accurate weight . clearly the bootys are utter garbage cos this ORIG vinyl is THA SHIZ . also the pressing has a thick 'flat' edge to the vinyl side .
Does your copy look like it had 2 tracks per side? I just left a new comment, seems I got a boot with 'original' matrix engravings -MSR04A Metropolis Mastering Chicago M.J.R.Matrix / Runout (Side B): MSR04B M.M.M.J.R.- all of them hand written. Sound quality does by no means live up to any other Ernerstus / von Oswald track
Amazing.. Dub mix goes nicely to cool down a room of thumping techno.Just curious if anyone else's copy has a high frequency popping sort of sound that runs throughout both sides? It doesn't sound intentional, even for basic channel.
I'm just experiencing the same thing on a repress copy.
Although this is obviously a dub techno influenced track, it's also a garage masterpiece. The vocal is so smooth and the soulfulness and deepness of New York style house/garage soaks through the dub techno layers. Anyone who is listening to what people term "deep house" in 2014 should really listen to this and get an education in "deepness"!
AMEN TO THAT. deep house ... what are these guys smoking now lol ?!!
i get the feeling people loving this track to death aren't really coming to it from a souful house sound, as it has a very dark deep b-line, a very good one at that, but in terms of vocals, i got to say, they aren't bad, but there is so much better out there, so to the person below saying its a holy grail other deep house artists are striving for, hmm, just a slight exaggeration - but its a decent track, no doubt about it ;)Edit: and Hauntedcode doesn't really know what he is talking about - NYC style garage ... to be honest, the more i listen this track the more i get the feeling the singer was a country singer, no offence, he sings the lines fine, but there is something about his voice that is a little too soft, not nrealy enough soul in them. NOTHING like NYC style garage and its not a question of interpretation, it just isn't - and part of the reason is that the guys who produced it are German. kind of says it all really. lol sounds like im hating on this track now - im not, for real, its not bad, but its overrated !
New Day every day..........
18 years later....i am still hypnotized by this awesome music. Wow. Had to register to discogs only to buy this and round one, and i don't even have turntables lol
Welcome to Discogs! You be back for more ! :-)
Timeless, played it last week and everyone wanted to know where i got this "new" track.Used the vinyl from Harvey s session, very happy to have it on 12inch now...
From the club to the afterparties, this tune will stand the test of time ! Soulful, smooth and downright funky, Djs will have this track on repeat for years to come.
One of the most emotive house tunes ever. Wish the pressing was a little better but it sort of grows on you..
Still today after hearing thousands of deep house tracks since the late 80's the vocal mix of New Day has to be THE HOLY GRAIL that every producer strives for and thank god they managed to find it with this sublime piece of souldrenched deepness!!!!!! PLEASE BELIEVE tunes like these are food for the soul.
hmmm, just listened a few times, i have to say the vocal is making it a bit cheesy, but the dub version makes up for it... here s the solution: dub version for when you are playing in front of a underground crowd, vocal version when it is a bit more mainstream... great release anyway!
you must have bought the dodgy booty repress thing people talk of . this vinyl is an excellent cut , sound is great , sub bass tight , kicks not distorted , hats crisp , electroy glitchy perc clear , and the vinyl is not thin whatsoever . im going to weight it and review now
sorry have to take back what I said... after comparing the sound with other records in my collection, it sounds so low! the vinyl is very thin and it seems like no money has been put into the physical production of it... too bad, cos the tracks are nice :(
OK just reading everthing else everyone else has written; I must confess, Ive not listened to this before and did NOT know about it.I have been listening to good house music for over 15 years nows. In fact Im lisening to this whilst writing this and know that the comments are supporting the cause. If you know; then you know. Otherwise...........
Shame on me, i listened this track just now the first time and its definitely one of the best dub tracks i ever heard in my whole life.the waves of this rhythm this touching vibe - its so simple but so fu**in addictive ...
The 1st time i heard this track, it literally blew me away. Deep, Melodic, Warm & life changing is what this timeless masterpiece is all about. It's records like these that makes my life worth living, to enjoy music from one soul to the next! 1Don't be put off if vocal house isn't your thing, or on a casual listen it sounds a bit lightweight - give it a couple of listens and once you're in, you'll never go back. It is an absolute masterpiece.
After reading all the other reviews, I felt a sense of warmth that I feel everyone who loves this song feels every time they play it... How can something so simple be so unbelievably effective, with it's drums, unique bass line and of coarse Andy's voice continuously feeding to this already ripe tune. It really get's to me from the part where Andy sings " open your eyes and you will see... that this was meant to be..." The mood change leading up to the songs title was just to brilliant. You feel as if you want the song to play forever, I wouldn't mind if this was the only song I was allowed to hear for the rest of my life! It is just too good of a song for me not to post my review on it, even if I was the 100th person to do so. The best male vocal deep house tune ever to land in my ears, and it's very difficult to think of another tune that makes me feel like this one does...
Sublime. One word to describe Basic Channel's epic "Round Two: New Day". How can music be so unostentatious, so unagitated and yet so disarming, no, overwhelming at the same time? Andy Caine's gentle voice, the romantic lyrics and Mark & Moritz' sensitive production - simple drum programming accompanied by lush strings and that unmistakable, superb bassline - unite to perfect, heart-warming harmony. Deeply touching. Of course, with such a historical classic on the A-side, the flip can be easily overlooked. In this case it would be a particular shame as the "Dub Mix" (in no apparent way related to the original) delivers prototypical Basic Channel sound at its best, to be classified somewhere between "M4", "Domina" and "Trak II" and my personal secret favourite of the legendary Berlin crew. Another testimonial for Basic Channel's unrivalled excellence and possibly the best Deep House tune ever.
Another comment added here, perhaps pointlessly. The vocal only mentions the title of this track around four minutes in - all the verses basically end without a chorus - and at the point where the title line comes in, there's a subtle key change in which the warm Jupiter strings suddenly take on this unexpected and additional richness. I have a theory that all the best tracks have their "moments", one particular point in the track that kind of encapsulates the rest of it. The key change in "New Day" is that moment, in my opinion.
a very emotive piece music which will hit both fans of deep house & techno music. Essential series of 12"s. Check!!!
A wonderful example of how less can be more. Untouched Basic Channel production, with Andy Caine providing the vocals. A very positive track, and definitely the highlight of the "Main Street" series. Universal in its appeal.
I can't agree more with the comments above - in my view simply the best vocal house record ever made. Peerless production with a beautiful understated male vocal. 'there ain't nothing standing in our way, we got a new day'
incredible warm and smooth, this track ain't as nervous and hectic as so many house-tracks are. nothin' stomps herein, the track takes you on a silent journey deep into the heart of house. to be played at 6:30 a.m. in a hot summer night for a last climax after all the ass-kickin' stuff of the night has passed. as above: one of the best house-tracks ever.
Simple 909 drum patterns, deep but powerful bass, Jupiter strings, FM synth stabs, some gentle bongos and Andy Caines voice planted perfectly in there somewhere. Bad pressing adds even more character.